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Their founder, Jimmy Howell, has put a lifetime (Forty years) into developing a comprehensive organization to deal with the rigors of the pipeline industry.  Rooted in the Northern Kentucky culture, where innovation and creativity were paramount to success, Jimmy Howell took the leap and started to bid projects under his newly formed company- Howell Contractors, Inc. That was in 1990.  The first successful bid was completed on time and on budget. The company had found the right tools to succeed.  That first successful project has been repeated many times. Since that successful beginning, we’ve completed projects ranging from small sewer and water lines to large, complex sewer and water installations. Now, years later, we can truly say with all honesty that all that hard work has paid off, as Howell Contractors, Inc. is one of the premier pipeline contractors in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. 

Having contracted with a diverse array of municipalities, Howell Contractors (HCI) has taken that opportunity to build on their collective skills to become a leader in the underground utility business. Expansion and diversification is the essence of our company as we have grown to meet the present and future demands of this industry.