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The Road To Success Is...
Always Under Construction

Who We Are

Howell Contractors, Inc. is a diversified underground utility general contractor based in Ft. Wright, Kentucky.

We continue to serve Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Illinois.  We have successfully installed over 2,000,000 Lineal Feet of water transmission and distribution mains, sanitary sewers, forced mains and storm drainage.  Our installations range in size upward of 72” in diameter and over 100,000 feet in length.  We do this every day, every year, getting the job done on time and on budget.

We’ve worked with Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District for years repairing the local sewers.

We’ve worked in adjacent areas and municipalities slip lining new pipe into existing decaying pipe.

We’ve replaced and installed water lines with a diversity of pipe materials, using multiple techniques such as directional drilling, pipe bursting and other trenchless technologies.

The common factor in all of this is that we utilize our experienced staff to get the job done right.  We now have two offices (Centerville, Ohio and Walton, Kentucky) to help maintain our business and grow in the southwest Ohio region.  Four of our engineers work in the Centerville office to direct our plant work division,  because, as our motto states, “We believe the road to success is always under construction”. 

Howell Contractors, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.  We support M/W/S/D Business Enterprise.