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Water Main

Howell Contractors, Inc. has completed hundreds of water main projects from 4” and 6” PVC Mains that stretch for many miles to 36”and 48” Pre-stressed  Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Mains weaving through the vast expanse of existing utilities in downtown city streets.

Some or our more recently completed projects include:

Cincinnati, Oh Madison Rd 4,000 feet of  48” PCCP

Warren County Utica Rd. 14,450 feet of 10” Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP)

Boone County KY 20 21,000 feet of  8” DIP

Boone County Big Bone 22,000 feet of  8” DIP

Hamilton, OH ST RT 4 4,500 feet of 20” FPVC by Insertion

Columbus, IN East Bart 107,000 feet of  12” & 16” DIP

Cincinnati, Oh Grandin Rd 4,000 feet of  48” PCCP

Dayton, Oh Airport 20,000 feet of 24” DIP

Cincinnati, Oh Adler St 1,500 feet of  36” PCCP

N. Kentucky Sub District G 14,500 feet of  24” DIP, 6,000’ – 8” DIP

Cincinnati, Oh Blue Ash 10,000 feet of 36” PCCP

Sewer Main

Our experience with sanitary and storm sewers is extensive.  We have installed sanitary sewer as deep as 65’ below grade.  Shaft installation, soil stabilization and trench shielding of any trench is within our capabilities.  HCI has a Professional Engineer on staff who is experienced with excavation and trench shielding design.  Open cut installations, tunneling, boring, by-pass pumping, vacuum excavation are all a part of our excavation arsenal.

Recently completed project include:

Cincinnati Madison Rd. 3,000’ – 18” PVC Open Cut

N. Kentucky Van Deren 3,000’ – 8” PVC Open Cut, 2,000’ – PVC Storm Open Cut

Cincinnati Winton Rd. 2,100’ – 15” PVC Open Cut

1,200’ – 12” Open Cut and Bore up to 35’ deep

5,200’ – 10” PVC Force Main

Hillsboro, OH City Streets 6,200’ – 8” % 12” Replacements by Open Cut

Indianapolis 10 th & Mitthoefer 18,000’ – 8” PVC and 268 taps by Open Cut, Bore and HDD

Cincinnati Ross Run 3,200’ – 27” through 60” Storm Open Cut

Cincinnati Dorchester Rd. 1,734’ – 12” by Tunnel and Open cut

Plant Work

Considering the volume of sewer and water utility work completed by HCI, it has been a natural evolution to perform work on water and wastewater plants, pump and boosted stations.  We have completed major sanitary sewer lift stations for Butler County, Ohio, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Cincinnati MSD and others.

Recently we have completed major rehab work at the Bolton Water Treatment Plan for the Greater Cincinnati Water Works and constructed a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Dry Ridge, Kentucky.

More Plant/Station construction/rehab is in the planning for HCI.

Specialty Work – Trenchless Technologies

Pipe Bursting

HCI has completed a number of pipe bursting projects. Many are not advertised as such, but are a section of a larger project.

We are experienced with all brands of both static and pneumatic systems.  Our crews have burst 4” through 24” pipes for water lines as well as sewer.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

In the past several years our crews have successfully completed numerous directional drill shots.

Under contract with Sanitation District No. 1 in Northern Kentucky for the Riley Rd. Sewer and Force Main, we completed an “on line and Grade” shot 810’ in length and pulled in 24” HDPE Pipe. This hole was in solid rock and required a 36” back reamer. This work was performed entirely with our own equipment and

Pipe Ramming

Pipe Ramming has proven to be a very useful technology on many or our projects, eliminating the ground disturbance of excavating bore pits and saving time.

It has been especially useful for road and driveway crossings on water main projects.

Slip Lining

Enormous savings can result from rehabilitating pipe instead of replacing it.

Slip Lining can be extremely useful, if the existing pipe can be downsized.  Our employees have slip lined sewer and storm sewer pipe from 8” diameter to 72” diameter.  We have installed Contech, Vylon, and Hobas.  We have also had wonderful experiences inserting Fusible PVC.  In Hamilton, Ohio we have recently completed two separate water main emergencies by inserting FPVC.  In one case we were able to replace 4,200’ of leaking 24” steep pipe with 20” FPVC.  A part of it was in one pull of over 2,100’.

Concrete Work

Performing small to medium concrete projects is the latest addition to the Howell Contractors range of accomplishments.

We added an entire crew strictly devoted to concrete installation, such as parking lots, sidewalks, building foundations, and concrete streets.  This additional work force has proven to be an invaluable addition to our overall growth and versatility.