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Walton, Kentucky Location

Jimmy Howell - President and founder of Howell Contractors, Inc.

Jimmy was born to be a construction worker. Since he was a young boy, he dreamed of one thing- owning his own construction company. He had worked for various construction firms that specialized in the installation of underground utilities. Then, in early 1990, his dream came true and he planted his flag atop his garage which read “Home of Howell Contractors, Inc.”.  Today, that company has grown to a multimillion dollar enterprise. He continues to lead the company into a new era of prosperity and diversity.  His vision is to continuously grow and service the community and his customer base. Jimmy has developed alliances with other construction owners and is well known in the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

Paul Bricking - Vice President

Paul Bricking knows the business well. He has worked in the underground utility business since the early 1970’s, beginning as a laborer and working his way up the ladder to a supervisor.   Operating all over the country, he has directed crews, solved logistical problems, all with the goal of getting the job done on time and on budget. He has faced just about every problem one could imagine in the construction field, and found ways to navigate to a successful conclusion. This is what Paul Bricking is all about. He now serves as the Vice President of Operations for Howell Contractors, Inc.

James Howell, Jr. better known as  L J.  – Chief Operating Officer

L J has been an integral part of Howell Contractors, Inc. since he was old enough to work in the construction field. Born and raised in a construction family, L J quickly learned the trade and elevated himself to the level of expert in all phases of underground utility construction. He serves the company well both in the field and in the office. He is an expert with all safety issues, underground pipe placement, and field equipment.  Normally, he oversees the largest and most complex projects, which require expert set up and advanced management techniques.

Mike Wiley - Chief Estimator and Engineer

Mike joined Howell Contractors, Inc. in 2008 as our chief Estimator and Engineer. He has multiple degrees in Engineering and drafting. He is an expert in job costing, estimating and design engineering.  He works closely with our vice president of operations in compiling the data necessary to deliver a comprehensive estimate of all projects under review by Howell Contractors, Inc. He has also developed long term relationships with our vendors and sub-contractors that work closely with Howell to get the job done. Once a project is under our control, Mike helps monitor the progress of the job and recommends changes if necessary

Jim Wygant - Controller

Jim has been with the firm since 2011 and brings a lifetime of expert accounting skills.  His accounting background is oriented to construction and job costing.  He primarily works in the office creating his spreadsheets to assist the upper management with the financial data needed to keep the company on solid financial footing.  Working with our customer base, all the vendors and sub-contractors is Jim’s number one priority. It is paramount to maintaining strong business relationships.  This is our goal and with Jim’s keen eye, will remain our trademark.

Andy Hoerr - Office Manager

Andy brings a great deal to the table as he manages the home office.  His expertise in organizing various departments in the home office has been an invaluable service to the company. Coordination of tasks is essential to a strong coordinated base of operations and Andy excels in that every day. He also assists with payable issues, payroll coordination and computer software integration.

Julie Hoerr - Accounts Payable

Julie works with the vendors, sub-contractors and the payroll coordinator to help navigate the complex field of keeping everyone paid and current. When dealing with hundreds of diversified vendors and sub-contractors, a successful firm needs someone like Julie to navigate the budget, make sure job costs are allocated correctly and keeps “the books” in order. She is a true leader in the office.

Matt Howell - Project Manager

Matt has been working for Howell Contractors for the past five years. He has educated himself in the construction trade by working every day with the goal of quickly becoming an expert in the installation of underground assets.  Currently, Matt serves the firm as the project manager for several of our working crews. He has been invaluable in managing the projects and troubleshooting problems that normally arise during the installation of large underground pipes.